I recently got a call from a closest friend asking to make a website for someone he knows. The client was running an Armory factory in our local town Peshawar and wanted to build a website as well as a catalog. I had a short call with the client and asked about a few requirements such as website logo, content, structure, photos of the products and history of the company; in which i got only logo 😉 the rest i need to sort out myself.


Initially, i sent a proposal with all details, deadlines, flow, content idea & cost of the project. The proposal needs to be read & signed by the client to avoid any hurdles in the future. You have to lock the requirements/scope of the project as well as determine the level of support you are offering in future. It took 3-4 days from client side to check all details, sign and send back to us. You’ve to start work once you get 50% of the advance payment. This way you can protect yourself as well as helps client to be more serious & attentive; otherwise they ll forget or lose interest time by time.

Proposal Cover Page, i use a uniform template in Canva.
Proposal Cover Page, i use a uniform template in Canva.

Content & Structure

The next step is to determine the number of pages, products & other content needs to be used in the website. As mentioned above we got only logo from client thus creating content for pages is upon us but thanks to ChatGPT; with few prompts i was able to get content for about us, contact and home page. There were few manual adjustments which we did by tweeking the text from ChatGPT.

The website has basic structure with the following links in menu


We had around 18 products in the website which needs clear and high quality photos. We made a quick setup with Godox SL60W light on a couch with help of white sheet as background. Took around 5-6 photos of each products from various angles using Sony A7iii.

In total there were more than 100 photos, The photos were then moved to photoshop for resizing and fine tunning. Make sure to upload photos less than 400KB to website for best performance. We placed a note with each product and took 1st photo to know the names of the product in post production. It hardly took 1-2 hour to finish the photography.

Products Photos

Technology & Tools

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