For some beginners & non-Pashto speakers it was an issue to write Pashto using Microsoft keyboard. The solution was provided online via Pashto Phonetic Keyboard as part of thePashto dictionary. But the hurdle was to make sure the availability of the keyboard to offline users. They can, alternatively, use Pashto Phonetic Keyboard as additional keyboard for the windows.

The said keyboard is something worth more for beginners. The user should download the keyboard and start working without installing it to the control panel. Since the keyboard is a module of our up coming project “Pashto Dictionary Offline Version” that’s why it has only copy/paste and writing facility.

In future i will try to integrate it with graphics & typography in order to facilitate poet & publisher to design their poems, books and small couplets for facebook etc.

As discussed earlier, i am working on Offline version of thePashto dictionary. If you have any suggestion feel free to reply in comments.

Download Keyboard